Certified bodyworker from the “The New Tantra-school”.

Due to social and cultural conditioning, and because of the big or small traumatic experiences in our lives, we are used to suppress our true emotions and the deep messages that our body gives us. With this attitude we create chronic blocks in our emotional, physical and energetic body. These blocks can cause different physical diseases and a negative view of life, depression and missing out on our full potential.

The TNT bodywork session is a two-hour long multistep-session that re-connect you with your natural life force and energy flow. The session works on the blocks and energetic knots in your body to bring you back to a natural state of well-being and to a higher awareness, of your body and your emotions.

It’s a very intense session in which blocked emotions are released. Each step is built with the facilitator and each session is unique and different based on what emerges from time to time.

SESSION FROM  90’ TO 120’:                                   € 190.00 – € 260.00

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