m.e.r. – myofascial energetic release

MER is a deep, sensitive touch and an holistic method of healing pain and understanding the connection between body, emotions and mind. Working with FASCIA (the connective tissue) one can [...]


It’s a two-hours long multistep-session that re-connect you with your natural life force and sexual energy flow. The session works with blocks and energetic knots in your body to bring you back [...]


Through different techniques like Tantric bodywork, M.E.R. (Myofascial Energy Release) Bodywork, Breathwork and coaching


  • "I had never had tantric massage and as somewhat of a typical guy, I find it hard to be vulnerable. Needless to say, I was a little bit more than anxious about what it would open up.  However, as soon as I met Eva I felt she could take me to where I needed to go - even if I didn’t know the destination. Perhaps it was her beauty that drew me to her initially. But what was transformative was her obvious experience as a body and energy worker, intuiting where I held pain in my body, and her willingness and desire to be present to my released emotion. She quickly found the points in my body where I needed release and applied trigger point massage with deftness and amazing strength.  She pushed me to open up and breath through the pain. Eventually I opened and cried - a lot. She looked into my eyes and asked me to give her my sadness. I think it was the first time in my life I felt somebody could not only take my suffering but actually wanted it. I was open, exposed and vulnerable. I saw so clearly how heavily armored I am and, even when others invite me to be vulnerable, I can’t go there. With Eva’s beautiful guided touch, I DID go there. I surrendered to her. I felt so light and energized after our session. What happened to me? We talked about it and she helped me to see how my vulnerability was needed for surrender and that my surrender was needed to revitalize myself. Her wisdom is as deep as her touch! Thank you, thank you, thank you Eva for opening my eyes and body. Guided down this path by you, I have hope that I can continue to find surrender and new vitality in my life."

    Damon B.
    Damon B. Boston
  • As my body and mind screamed for relaxation I booked a session with Eva. After the intake she started her 3-phase program of grounding, myofascial energy release (MER) and relaxation. No clue what MER would bring however my body started shaking as energy started flowing. The session also triggered me emotionally as I went to corners of my mind which I had never been before. After the 2-hours session I felt ready to conquer the world and Eva was also able to translate my body language to some lessons for daily life. When I am experiencing stress of work, family life or whatever  I go back in my mind to this  wonderful session and her lessons. Eva you left a very nice brain tattoo to me and I am still very grateful for the session we had

    Ton B
    Ton B Amsterdam – Holland
  • I had my first session with Eva right after I did Level 1 at TNT, and that is a combination I highly recommend. One is in a state one normally would not by any chance achieve by oneself. The session was completely different from what I expected, and to my surprise it was not only phisically, but also emotionally intense. I felt like a lot of long time stored emotions were released. The chemistry I had with Eva helped a lot in this process, of course. But she is extremelly professional and human, so I would find it hard for anyone not to have chemistry with her. After the first session I decided to go for a second one and it was less intense than the first one, but by no means I would say less efective. From my perspective, the emotions stored in the body get gradually released as one does more sessions. Being the first one the most intense. At the end of both sessions I came to a state that I am not sure how one achieves or what it symbolises, but I felt completely blissed and clear about life. My plan is to do three sessions in total, so I will go for the next one soon. Ideally I would do this as a regular base, along with other complementary practices which Eva is familiar with and which she recommends.

    Andres J.S.
    Andres J.S. Berlin - Germany
  • I turned to Eva to overcome a trauma and its consequences on a physical and emotional level. I was supported, encouraged and understood in the process .. and the changes were important and profound. I feel freer to express myself and my emotions, I am more open to receiving and confident .. even my posture has changed. I stopped making compromises with myself and others, I feel better with my body, I appreciate it, I honor it and I love it as it is. Even on a sexual level I let go of tensions and fears, I let myself go much more and the sensations increased. I am immensely grateful and happy for this journey.

    Giulia D.
    Giulia D. Brescia - Italia
  • I was in a moment of research. I am a person who loves life and I have always fought to make my dreams come true. But there was always something that kept me tied to the past, I couldn't let go of it and so I became a victim of myself. Eva’s session was a leap in the dark, she made me overcome my fear and take away that feeling of victimhood which always came out. When I saw Eva, whom I didn't know before, we had only talked on the phone to make an appointment, I found a person empathic and prepared. So, I trusted her. I came out of her place different, conscious and aware that we must also want change. And so my will had been restored, and after a couple of months it resulted in my skin problems improving, my will that every now and then was missing, urged me to follow my feelings. The second meeting took place after about six months, still a result of something that sprung from within, the need for confirmation and to show her the change, so I returned. I will always remember her look when she saw me, amazed and satisfied. I state I am not a model, but my body had become more harmonious and feminine. If the first meeting had been in the dark, this was a scheduled appointment. I say this because I was ready to make another step, to let go of a pain that oppressed me and that at times was unbearable and sent me into confusion. Being aware is difficult but when you do it you become small and you see the world at 360 degrees and accept. You can’t change all of your life, but there is a free will, where if you want, you can - this was Eva. I’m ready for another session.

    Patricia R
    Patricia R Levico - Italia
  • I adopted many defense strategies and hid behind a thousand lies and things unsaid, believing that I could "please" everyone. I had to really touch the bottom! I had to mess myself up right! When I arrived at Eva’s place for the session, I really wanted to get over my blocks and I trusted so much in her that I had no modesty, neither physical nor mental. "I leave myself to you, help me! Because I don't see where my problem lies!" On that occasion she explained to me that for more than 30 years my mind had been busy hiding and not seeing! She told me to turn to my body because it has a sincere memory. I don't remember how long the session lasted, I only know that with great effort she managed to tear me away from the control of my head and it was a continuous swing from the pain, to the deepest sadness, to the tears of fear, of anger...and then the emptiness, the peace .... an embrace of peace and trust. "Speak...let that little girl talk!" she said. Today the little girl speaks, does not "satisfy" and is not satisfied and from this she draws more strength. I have simplified both my love and work-relationships with the sincerity of always saying what I think. I don't think I have solved everything but thanks to her I have started confronting it! My path is just at the beginning, but I am grateful to my dear friend.

    Federica S
    Federica S Milan - Italy
  • “Eva will be in the Netherlands to offer tantric bodywork sessions “… “With her passion for the body and experienced touch she lovingly guides you to connect with your physical and emotional body.” This was my first introduction to Eva and her work. But the advertised dates were in the middle of a very busy period for me, so I put it aside. Then, 3 months later,  I ran into Her by chance at a tantric workshop, I knew I just got a second chance. So here I was, for my two hour bodywork session and no idea what to expect. I like to think of myself as one of those men that are not easily shaken or moved. I learned to depend on myself and myself alone at young age. Never show your emotions, specially the ones that make you look vulnerable. Never ask for help. In the past months I had already started to experience those mechanisms had become obsolete. As much as they had served me in my past life, the were now actually holding me back. Now I’d been working on them consciously for a while, but I felt that at the core I wasn’t getting to what was holding me back. Little did I know I was about to pass through a door I didn’t even know was there... Slowly and deliberate Eva explained to me the rules and what I was to expect. She checked if I had any boundaries and basically made sure I was feeling comfortable and safe. Her calm, powerful yet soft energy made me relax straight away. Now I have no idea what and why she does the things she does during her sessions. I just lack the knowledge, but I can tell you what it felt like to me. She started on my back really gently, making sure my body was actually relaxed. Then came the pressure points. Those places where you balance on the edge between actually painful and pleasurable. The places where all the deeper tensions in your life are stored. I had experienced something similar before and this was all still familiar territory, until she reached my jaws. Instantly I felt something something breaking inside. Not physically of course, but there was so much tension there. Eva saw and merely said: “Those are all the words unspoken”, and I broke inside… I cried quietly for a while, while she continued working on me. I don’t even remember for how long, but it already felt like a weight had been lifted. Then she told me it was time for the dearmouring of the stomach. I can only remember her touching two spots in my stomach before I burst out into uncontrollable crying. Here was that door I never new about, here was everything I ever stored inside, away from the world. Here, behind this door, was what I knew was inside of me somewhere, but couldn’t find. Here was everything holding me back, blocking my way!So I cried, and cried and cried some more. Not quietly this time, but uncontrollable let-everything-go crying. Eva just held me, like a mother would her child. It had been decades since I dared cry like that. Never did I feel more happy and safe then at that moment while Eva was holding me. I don’t know how long it lasted, but when I was finally done crying I felt liberated! Like somebody drew back the curtains in my head and opened up all the windows. Now, a few weeks after, I’m still experiencing the effects of this one session. So much has changed since and is continuing to change. For the better. I feel reconnected to myself, like I found my way back home after being lost for years without even realising it. And because I reconnected to myself, I am much more capable of connecting to the people around me, my loved ones at first, but even total strangers. I no longer feel like I’m made of glass, pretending to be indestructible. I am for ever grateful to Eva for showing me this door and helping me through it, for helping me find what I hid inside for so long. For letting me out!

    Ralph B.Rotterdam
    Ralph B.Rotterdam The Netherlands
  • When i was attending the tnt level 1 and 2 workshop summer 2019, the tantric world was quite new for me. We both wanted to deepen our relationship and believed that wat tnt could offer us would be really helpful in this process. It turned out to be an amazing journey in exploring and expanding boundaries. During this journey I chose to accelerate my process by having a dearmouring session with Eva. I had no clue what it would be like but soon came the answer. During the session with Eva my complete world turned upside down. With her knowledgeable, vigorous and empathetic way of working with my body and mind the control freak in me finally let go and I could really be myself. Never experienced such a transformation in such a short time and so durable. Now a month later the session is still vibrant. Thank you Eva for this once in a lifetime experience!

    Pieter Priemis
    Pieter Priemis

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