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"The hardest journey of a human being it's what leads him into himself discovering who he really is." Jung

I’m Eva

A woman, a single mom, an entrepreneur. I am a coach and alchemic bodyworker.

I always felt like a kind of pioneer in my beautiful and conservative country: Italy.

My First value is FREEDOM and my real life started around 20 years ago when I realized I was not free at all, that I was just responding to people’s expectations; feeling always too much or too little and trying my best to be perfect and fit in the system to prove how good, strong and independent I was.

I started to recognize that the illusion of having everything under control was only a survival strategy I used to avoid pain.

I’ve realized that it is not a question of getting rid of pain but of becoming AWARE of it.

I started to pay attention to my own needs and speak my own truth.

I come from the entrepreneurial and business world, I used to set challenging goals and to lead people to get the best from themselves. I loved it. Nevertheless, I felt drained and empty, longing for something that was missed on the way.

The game changer was when I learned to be in touch with my body and my emotions. Only when we face our dragons, our fears, and our traumas we can step into our full power and potential.

This awareness led me on a profound and transformative journey, where I learned to think less, feel more, and trust my intuition.


My biggest passion and my mission in life is to inspire and support others on their journey, to help them live the life they really want, where they can express themselves.

Without any pretense of teaching, I share my experience and what I have learned.

When we free ourselves of shame, judgment and competition and feel compassion towards ourselves and others, we will be able to shine without shaming or criticizing others and thereby contribute to building a better world.


Our body is an endless source of information. We all keep our physical and emotional trauma, big or small, hidden in our tissue.

“Issues are in tissues” and “the body keeps the scores”

By becoming aware of the stocked-up energy and the physical strategy we use to survive and resist, tensions in our body can be released.
By creating more space for breathing and profound relaxation, we can rewire the nervous system and learn how to circulate and contain our energy.

When we are more in touch with our emotions, we can become more connected with our truth and only then we are able to truly relate with ourselves and others.

On the other hand, when we carry pain, loss, shame, and secrets inside, we don’t accept ourselves. Instead, we use a huge amount of (muscular) energy to hold everything inside.

the body holds what the mind is emotionally unable to process

RE-CONNECTYOU METHOD is a body-oriented approach, where I use and master all the tools and skills that I have learned by some of the best teachers and Mentors I’ve been trained by, from all over the world.


I combine coaching, breath-working, trauma release and somatic experience, nervous system regulation, anger work, shadows work, de-armouring, deep-soft-sensual bodywork, Tantra.


“The way out is in”

It is for those who have embarked on or want to start on a journey within themselves, to connect with who they really are, what they really feel and what they really want in life.

I work with people that is willing to go to the next level. People dare to forget what they have been told to be, and ready to expand.


  • YOU feel stuck in a place, attitude that doesn’t fit with you anymore
  • YOU are ready to connect deeper with your body and feel your feelings and emotions
  • YOU want to befriend with your shadows and face them
  • YOU want to open your body and learn how to let your sexual and life energy flowing Free within it
  • YOU want to feel more alive and connected
  • YOU want to learn about tantra, sexual energy and presence
  • YOU want to embody your leadership, be fully aligned, and live according to a new
    paradigm of Leader and Lover
  • YOU are aware that traumas are stored in the body, and you are tired to know the “why and the when” without being able to go over them

I will be honored to work with YOU and support YOU in the journey!


Conscious Bodywork-Dearmouring
"A bodywork session with Eva redefines the meaning of the word wonderful. Yes, its is all that. She makes you feel compassion for your body which has stored everything you went trough in life. At the very same time, she enables you to have easy acces to -and embody - this great freedom already there in you. Guided by her healing hands, soft spoken English with Italian accent ( charming!) and beautiful feminine and fierce presence you may , however, expect not just wonder. A session with her is a very transformative experience where you get to feel the miracle of being you. Thank you, dearest Eva , for having made all these choices in life that made you show up as the person you are today!”
Anouke – Amsterdam
”I had an MER (myofascial energetic release) session with Eva and asked her to mainly focus on my legs as I always feel a lot of tension there. The whole session felt like a warm bath. Eva’s approach and energy is welcoming, warm, free of judgment, soft and strong. She talked the session through with me, which helped me know what to expect and what was expected of me. This helped me relax more. Firstly, I had a lot of physical tension release. With the 6-7-8 system it didn’t feel like torture, but a pleasurable pain release. This and her presence, which felt like an anker, allowed me to go deeper and release emotions stuck in my body. Most importantly, I felt Eva really saw me. So much gratitude, I’ve booked my next session doubling the time.”
Andrea – Rotterdam
Bodywork and Intensive retreat
”I have had the opportunity to work with Eva several times, including an intensive retreat. Eva possesses an intuitive, nurturing energy along with highly refined skills and training which makes for a unique and impactful experience. Eva has a genuine desire to share and contribute to others and has a very warm and open way of approaching her work that allowed me to trust her and for her to work her “magic” on me, which resulted in opening my body and mind set with lasting benefits. I have carried those benefits forward directly in my relationships, business, and community. Working with Eva is amazing experience that I genuinely recommend for anyone wanting to expand as a better person, lover, and leader.”
Peter – USA/Netherland
”Eva is Amazing! She is helping me grow and change at a deep and intimate level. Eva is warm, fun, and laughs easily, at the same time, she is focused, intense, and deeply committed to helping people gain self-awareness and healing. She is gifted. The love and passion for what she is doing is evident in every session. Eva is intuitive, knowledgeable, and experienced, leading me toward a deeper sense of self-discovery, sexual wholeness, relational connectedness, and life energy. She is using her understanding of how to draw out childhood experiences that relate to who I am as a person today. Experiences that, as I have become aware of them, have led to deep core level personal insights. Eva has helped me get in touch with aspects of myself in ways I never have before. She has also helped me get beyond my thinking mind into my body, my breath, and my feelings (this may not be for everyone but in my case, it is exactly what I need). Eva has so much to offer because of who she is as a person. Eva is on a conscious journey herself and as a result she is genuine, curious, and a learner as well as a teacher. Eva is gifted at what she does and loves what she does. She is touching individual lives providing the opportunity for greater awareness, healing and experiencing of life energy. I feel very fortunate to have Eva as my coach contributing to my becoming a more whole person. I love working with her. she is REALLY helping me grow.”
Bruce – USA
Couple coaching
”What I love the most about coaching with Eva is how she understands both of us so well. She doesn’t choose sides, instead she clears up misunderstandings that are going on between us. Her knowledge on relationship dynamics, masculine and feminine energy and trauma all make for a very wholesome coaching experience. She helped us greatly in navigating our relationship, how to take responsibility for our feelings and how to communicate with each other. I felt safe to express things during our sessions that I struggled with previously and I always feel more connected to myself and my partner at the end of a session.”
Couple coaching
"You can tell Eva has a lot of experience by the way she observes things. I don’t think you can get that view from any regular coach who doesn’t have such a broad range of experiences with tantra, jungian coaching and alternative relationship models. Eva has really helped us getting clarity and navigating what we want in our relationship. I also appreciate that she doesn’t just listen and just makes you figure it all out by yourself. She’s straight forward with what she thinks helps and for us, this really worked."
The New Tantra Massage
"Eva is a trained and skilled professional, constantly developing, with a wide range of experience and passion for her mission. Even before receiving her session, I appreciated the quality of the treatment room and the clarity of the preliminary chat and of the informed consent form, which Eva explained to me point by point (never happened before!). All this made me feel immediately in good hands and established the trust that is fundamental in such a deep and delicate work, like the one that Eva offers. Her skill and loving presence throughout the session did the rest and allowed me to explore even intense physical and emotional sensations, always feeling welcomed, supported, and safe."
Valentina – Italy
The New Tantra Massage
"I can highly recommend Eva and her powerful body-de-armoring work. She holds a safe, professional, and comforting space, which allows you to fully drop into the process. She has the capability of working with the body and its energy, one of the best energy/body workers I have met so far. After my first body de-armoring session with Eva, I felt how a lot has shifted in my energetic, physical and emotional body. My subconscious processed these shifts in my sleep and the whole next days. That showed me how deep the session went. After my body had integrated the shifts, I felt so much lighter, free, and fulfilled. A deep, powerful work, for me a really good way to release trauma or blockages. I felt super empty after the private session, like an emptied cup which was then ready to be filled again. Eva can create and hold such an amazing safe place which is perfect to release and balance so much negative and toxic energy."
Walter – Italy/The Netherlands
Coaching Jungiana
"Today I had the privilege of doing a one-to-one Jungian coaching with Eva, we worked on a specific problem through Archetypes. It was an intense, challenging nevertheless liberating process. Eva, with her softness, knowledge and intuition helped me to face my fears and to disempower them. It was a bit like going on a journey, leaving with heavy luggage and chains that slow me down and then free myself dropping down everything that weighed me down. I rediscovered an unexpected new lightness within myself, in my body and in my soul that made me feel so good. Each of us is unique and beautiful just the way we are. Accepting this is the first step to feeling good. Now I feel free. Eva, you are a gift."
Sira / Italy