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Meet my sessions

“What you deny, submits you.
What you accept transforms you.”

Certified from the founder of the method: Satyarthi Deva


MER is a deep, sensitive touch and a holistic method of healing pain and understanding the connection between body, emotions, and mind.

Fascia is the flexible connective tissue that wraps and connects every single part of our body. It’s our second nervous system. Each organ, muscle, bone, nerve is wrapped around by it.

Each time something happens to us, on an emotional and psychological level, our body reacts in its depth, causing a visible thickening and stiffening of the deep and superficial tissues.
The defensive and survival strategy that our mind puts in place is to completely disconnect from our body and freeze us. This way we don’t feel the emotional pain anymore.

During the sessions we are “forced” to hear, to listen to each other. This is the only way to learn, to let go and free us.It is a session where you can feel and name your own emotions, and not be afraid of them. In a very safe container, you will be able to let go of all the pain, anger, sadness that it is stored in your tissue

What to expect from the session:

  • More space and lightness
  • A strong presence in “the here and now”
  • A higher awareness of your own emotions
  • Physical well-being
  • Pain free
"I had an MER (myofascial energetic release) session with Eva and asked her to mainly focus on my legs as I always feel a lot of tension there. The whole session felt like a warm bath. Eva’s approach and energy is welcoming, warm, free of judgment, soft and strong. She talked the session through with me, which helped me know what to expect and what was expected of me. This helped me relax more. Firstly, I had a lot of physical tension release. With the 6-7-8 system it didn’t feel like torture, but a pleasurable pain release. This and her presence, which felt like an anker, allowed me to go deeper and release emotions stuck in my body. Most importantly, I felt Eva really saw me. So much gratitude, I’ve booked my next session doubling the time."
Andrea – Rotterdam

Conscious Bodywork-Dearmouring

It’s a 2.5- 3 hours multistep-session that re-connect you with your natural life force and sexual energy flow.
Through merging and integrating the different philosophies and techniques of BODYWORK, TANTRA, TRAUMA RELEASE, SHADOWS WORK, DE-ARMOURING, NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION, my intuitive session is born.
It is a profound work that combine breath work and the ability to listen to the body on a subtle energetic field level. This makes the reconnection with the flow of life-energy inside the body, possible.
This new and more conscious state of being supports the natural body’s ability of self-healing.
It is a unique combination of gentle and decisive manipulations, a work on the superficial and deep connective tissue and use of chakra trigger points. It is a work based on the nervous system regulations (sympathetic and parasympathetic)
By using “conscious touch”, we get in contact with past experiences which slowly rise to the surface and expressed by body movements, breathing, and sounds. This is the natural wise way of the body to release.

Conscious Bodywork-Dearmouring
"A bodywork session with Eva redefines the meaning of the word wonderful. Yes, its is all that. She makes you feel compassion for your body which has stored everything you went trough in life. At the very same time, she enables you to have easy acces to -and embody - this great freedom already there in you. Guided by her healing hands, soft spoken English with Italian accent ( charming!) and beautiful feminine and fierce presence you may , however, expect not just wonder. A session with her is a very transformative experience where you get to feel the miracle of being you. Thank you, dearest Eva , for having made all these choices in life that made you show up as the person you are today!"
Anouke – Amsterdam

The new tantra massage

The New Tantra Massage is a 2- (or 3-) hours multi-step session to get more connected with the body and with the flow of sensual sensations. This session aims at going beyond conventional sexuality and guides you into the realm of transcendent sexuality.

The massage is designed in steps to open your body up from skin surface to bone deep. It starts with the outer body and can go all the way to internal bodywork. The gradual build up allows tensions and blockages to release and your sexual sensations to flow freely in your whole body.

Originally designed by TNT founder Alexa Vartman, The New Tantra massage is a great way to help kickstart your tantric journey. It can be a doorway to experience a deep bodily surrender.

The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process. In each session you go as far as you are willing to go.
There is no sexual intercourse.

The New Tantra Massage
"I can highly recommend Eva and her powerful body-de-armoring work. She holds a safe, professional, and comforting space, which allows you to fully drop into the process. She has the capability of working with the body and its energy, one of the best energy/body workers I have met so far. After my first body de-armoring session with Eva, I felt how a lot has shifted in my energetic, physical and emotional body. My subconscious processed these shifts in my sleep and the whole next days. That showed me how deep the session went. After my body had integrated the shifts, I felt so much lighter, free, and fulfilled. A deep, powerful work, for me a really good way to release trauma or blockages. I felt super empty after the private session, like an emptied cup which was then ready to be filled again. Eva can create and hold such an amazing safe place which is perfect to release and balance so much negative and toxic energy."
Walter – Italy/The Netherlands
The New Tantra Massage
"Eva is a trained and skilled professional, constantly developing, with a wide range of experience and passion for her mission. Even before receiving her session, I appreciated the quality of the treatment room and the clarity of the preliminary chat and of the informed consent form, which Eva explained to me point by point (never happened before!). All this made me feel immediately in good hands and established the trust that is fundamental in such a deep and delicate work, like the one that Eva offers. Her skill and loving presence throughout the session did the rest and allowed me to explore even intense physical and emotional sensations, always feeling welcomed, supported, and safe."
Valentina – Italy

Intimacy sessions for couple

For couples that want to rise in love instead of falling in love

Either if you are in a long-term relationship and you feel the love for your partner, but the sexual attraction and the sparks are gone, and it feels like you are just sharing time, space, and duties; or if you are in a new relationship and you want to build up a solid foundation to grow into it: these sessions are designed for you.

Too often we focus on what we don’t want, losing sight of the fact that a route can only be traced if we are clear with the direction we want to take and if we are aligned with our purpose.

Thanks to clear instructions, practical exercises and a very safe setting, the partners will learn how to physically open to each other and how to connect in a different, deeper, and more playful way.
Through the use of TANTRA you will learn about polarity and how to play with it.

You will practice different types of conscious touch and experience full presence.

The session aims to inspire, to teach, to give feedback and to give new tools to live one’s intimacy in a more fulfilling way.

The most common feedback I receive from the sessions is the feeling of meeting and seeing each other’s for the very first time.

This session doesn’t involve intercourse.

Intensive private retreat:

Designed for single (men and women) or couples that want to go deep in a short and intense period.

For top achievers and leaders who wants to step into their next level of awareness, confidence, and real and true power.

It is a full immersion tailor-made for specific needs. We will build a frame based on the purpose and then we will work intuitively with tantra and sexual energy, somatic experience, shadows work, inner child work, Myofascial Energetic Release bodywork, polarity, dynamic meditations, breathwork, coaching, not violent communication, leadership, and presence.

A game changer that will be tattooed in your system and in your life forever.

You will learn practical tools to use in your everyday life.


  • 60’ intake to asess where you are and what you need,
  • An information questionnaire to fill up.

Coaching Online and offline

Jungian coaching

Jung’s approach has been combined with coaching methods to evolve into the more progressive and effective practice of Jungian Coaching.

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with an amazing holistic approach and a deep curiosity around spirituality, alchemy, sexuality, shamanism, religions.

The session engages the Client’s psyche which communicates symbolically using active imagination, dialogue, dreams, movement, art, and archetypes.

Whether you are looking to solve your problems, to find your answers, evolve your leadership or being alive again, you have come to the right place.

Jungian coaching
"Today I had the privilege of doing a one-to-one Jungian coaching with Eva, we worked on a specific problem through Archetypes. It was an intense, challenging nevertheless liberating process. Eva, with her softness, knowledge and intuition helped me to face my fears and to disempower them. It was a bit like going on a journey, leaving with heavy luggage and chains that slow me down and then free myself dropping down everything that weighed me down. I rediscovered an unexpected new lightness within myself, in my body and in my soul that made me feel so good. Each of us is unique and beautiful just the way we are. Accepting this is the first step to feeling good. Now I feel free. Eva, you are a gift."
Sira / Italy

Couple coaching

Designed for Couples that want to go deeper in their relationship and they believe that being together is not something that happens because of a chemistry reaction but rather because an alchemic process that requires a deep and a conscious work as individuals and as couple.

You will be supported in learning different way of communicating with each other’s, in taking responsibility for your needs and desires and in the way you express them. We will work on how to use the relationship as a great tool to grow and to live a deeper intimacy.

I will also support you in navigating different ways of setting up your relationship.

Couple coaching
"What I love the most about coaching with Eva is how she understands both of us so well. She doesn’t choose sides, instead she clears up misunderstandings that are going on between us. Her knowledge on relationship dynamics, masculine and feminine energy and trauma all make for a very wholesome coaching experience. She helped us greatly in navigating our relationship, how to take responsibility for our feelings and how to communicate with each other. I felt safe to express things during our sessions that I struggled with previously and I always feel more connected to myself and my partner at the end of a session."

Prosperity and abundancemindset coaching- mindset

Abundance is a state of mind resulting from our beliefs and the conditioning rooted in our childhood. Sometimes they are even transgenerational.

Wealth is 80% psychology and 20% technique.

To drastically change your approach with money, to clarify what abundance is for you and to be able to live a prosperous and rich life…a “and…and…life” instead of a “or…or…life”.

Spirituality and abundance are not opposite but complementary, one cannot exist without the other one.

Tantra Mentoring

Osho used to say that tantra is an experiential way. It is not about theories, techniques, or magic formulas.

The sessions are created for those who are aware, curious and sense that there is something more than what we have been taught.

The session aims to deepen the basic principles of Tantra, suggest practices and exercises that aim to make contact and become aware of the most powerful energy that exist in nature, hidden inside every human being: Sexual Energy or Life energy or Creative energy if you prefer to call it that.

You will learn what masculine and feminine energy are and how to master them; you will become aware of your sexual energy and learn how to circulate it throughout the body, to awaken it and open the energy channels.

Couple coaching
"What I love the most about coaching with Eva is how she understands both of us so well. She doesn’t choose sides, instead she clears up misunderstandings that are going on between us. Her knowledge on relationship dynamics, masculine and feminine energy and trauma all make for a very wholesome coaching experience. She helped us greatly in navigating our relationship, how to take responsibility for our feelings and how to communicate with each other. I felt safe to express things during our sessions that I struggled with previously and I always feel more connected to myself and my partner at the end of a session."
Couple coaching
"You can tell Eva has a lot of experience by the way she observes things. I don’t think you can get that view from any regular coach who doesn’t have such a broad range of experiences with tantra, jungian coaching and alternative relationship models. Eva has really helped us getting clarity and navigating what we want in our relationship. I also appreciate that she doesn’t just listen and just makes you figure it all out by yourself. She’s straight forward with what she thinks helps and for us, this really worked."

Shadows and inner child work

“Our shadow is the place within each of us that contains what we don’t know, don’t like, or deny about ourselves. Calling it our shadow is fitting because is a lack of illumination. It is everything we hide in the darkness but wherever we go and whatever we do, it is with us. Whether we are aware of it or not.

Our shadow holds all the conditionings, programs, the way we act and react, think, feel, choose without knowing why.” R. Master

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Freedom from our conditioning
  • A strongly enhanced capacity for intimacy and healthy relationships
  • A fuller, more grounded sense of wholeness
  • Ability to make much better use of difficult conditions
  • More vitality
  • A deepened capacity to act instead of RE-act

Workshop: Embody your true self

My body is my teacher and I’m the student who follows.
The body is home to the senses, feelings, thoughts, breath, memories, dreams, and all of life’s experiences; it is the bedrock of who we are. Being ‘in touch’ with oneself is the root of empathy; without it, other people’s feelings don’t register in us, or do not matter.
Being split off from our bodies also means being disconnected from others and from the world around us.
A common side-effect of trauma is to feel that we must do everything alone. This is a natural reaction to feeling endangered or neglected by others—including early caretakers—resulting in a profound lack of trust in our environment. RE-CONNECTYOU is an active, relational approach that helps repair attachment wounds, allowing us to rebuild trust in our own bodily responses, in others, and in our vital connection to the natural world and the cosmos.

Shakespeare said the eyes are the windows to the soul. Witnessing practice invites us to ‘see’ with the heart and with all our senses, a practice that transforms both the ‘seer’ and “what is seen” and helps make the world a better place.

In this workshop, we will create a safe space where you can relax, feel safe and allow yourself to start to reconnect with yourself, with your body, your emotions, your feelings and to make space for them.

What you will learn

  • Dynamic meditation technique to come back to the body and to the present moment
  • Practical tools to release stress and trauma from the body
  • Awareness about your defense mechanisms and their impact on your body posture
  • To connect with your vulnerability and being able to see others and be seen for who you really are
  • Powerful breathwork session to open the energy channels and let your energy flow along your body
  • Awareness about your inner child, his/her light, and shadows

Workshop: A touch of tantra

“Tantra is a set of powerful, transformative tools that can be used to bring new meaning and joy to every aspect of our daily lives. It is not concerned with the “why” of things, it is concerned with “how”, not with what is truth, but how the truth can be attained. Tantra is an experience. Only a daringness to experiment is enough; courage to experiment is enough.” Osho

Tantra is a way to live in full alignment with who we truly are. It’s about expansion instead of contraction. It’s about feeling instead of thinking. It goes beyond duality. It honors the Body as a temple of our Soul.

We are material Souls in a Spiritual Body.

The workshop will be in English, translation into German is possible when needed.

What you will learn

  • How to connect deeply with yourself and your body
  • How to connect and feel another person on a deeper level
  • Polarity: the masculine and the feminine. Theory and practice
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • Tantric touch: giving and receiving
  • Q&A: what you were never being told about sex


INVESTMENT:                                        Early bird till 31/03/23: € 160 – Full price from 01/04/23: €180
BOOKING & REGISTRATION:             Men and women +18, Please Contact Freya:                                                                                                                                                 +49 171 3756655

WHERE:                                                   Die Halle – Höhenstraße 20, 60385 Frankfurt a.M.
WHEN:                                                     Sunday the 23nd  of April – 10.00 -17:30   


Water bottle
Pen and Notebook
Comfortable cloths
Lunch is self-managed, bring your favorite light food and, if you want, something to share.